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Welcome to Pharmacist Guide

My aim is to give you the knowledge you need to know about managing your health and looking after your loved ones in a free, easy to read, practical guide.

Thanks to the internet and smartphones we can ask questions and obtain answers straightaway by asking forums (e.g. WhatsApp groups, Mumsnet), search engines such as Google, or looking at a healthcare website.

The problem is how do you know which information is good, bad or downright dangerous? Unless you have medical knowledge it is difficult to distinguish good evidence from bad and know how this information would apply in practice. Even the best sources of information contain a lot of medical jargon which can make the subject matter difficult to understand and, in the worst case scenario, do more harm than good.

Pharmacist Guide is an editorially independent website providing balanced and factual information on topical health issues. References to branded products are for identification purposes only and does not imply endorsement. Pharmacist Guide is not sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry.

My day job is working in the NHS helping GP practices but this website has been created for you. I will try to explain how national guidance and polices work and what it means. I will signpost to other useful websites if you want further information and display all references for transparency. This is to help you make an informed decision on managing your health.  

If you have any comments or suggestions please click on the feedback button. Please note that I cannot respond to personal queries. 

Vicki Kong, Pharmacist Guide